Saying “I can”

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Food for Thought: Our words hold immense power! With each word you speak over your life you are planting a seed, and when you speak something aloud you bring that seed to life. Every word spoken further manifests itself into actions. I urge you all to water your seeds by making positive declarations over your ambitions, faith, relationships, finances, etc.

It’s time to stop saying “I can’t” and start saying “I can!”

While you’re at it, stop letting others define your purpose in this world! God is in complete control. If we simply look to Him in all seasons we will soon see His divine purpose for our lives!

Speak positively over your own life and watch what He has in store for you.

Hello all! My name is Amanda and I’ve decided to start on this writting endeavor at a pivotal point in my life. As it seems, I am in a season of major change. With only two more days remaining here in my college hometown, I’m left to ponder various mixed emotions. I will be making the venture to North Carolina, where my boyfriend of three years is stationed.

There’s the obvious worriment that what lies ahead simply isn’t going to compare to the friendships, memories and experiences built here. Not only will I be faced with the typical stressors of uprooting my entire life, one that takes me thousands of miles away from family and friends, but I will also be in a unique position to start a life where I define what success means to me.  I have never really thrived in adapting to new situations, but I know that God has placed this move on my heart for a reason. This is my chance to take a grand leap.

After all,  growth takes place in moments of absolute uncertainty. 

It was a mere six months ago that I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor’s in Communication.  I walked across the stage of my graduation with what I thought was the world in the palm of my hand. I had no doubts in my ability to land a job. With my charisma and passion for people, the last thing I thought would happen would be an inability on my end to do so. Never have I been so wrong in my life! While I received numerous job offers, none were commensurate enough, nor were they the right fit for what and where I wanted to be. God had placed a tall order in my heart and I just couldn’t shake it.

It has taken months of playing it safe to finally bridge the financial gap and further enable myself to take this grand leap of faith. Months of preparation and contemplation have all come down to this decision, and with no immediate job prospects on the horizon I’ve noticed something about myself. I care way too much about how my actions look to bystanders; parents, friends, social media followers, etc. Caring so much about matching the societal demands of what success looks like, I’ve gone so far as to comparing myself to others in their expectations of me. It’s been an internal struggle for a while now. Making a decision while subsequently awaiting responses from those around me.

Here’s the biggest issue that comes with this particular mindset; no matter what you do, there will always be critics. If you live a life for others, all that will be amounted to is a whole lot of self inflicted disappointment. That isn’t to say that others don’t have the right to their opinion, of course we will always have those critical voices in the background, but we must ignore them in order to fully set our hearts on Gods plans and purposes for our lives.

Don’t allow yourself to be defined by the limitations of others. 

I may have zero clue what this next chapter holds in store for me, but I do know that when its my due season God will bring things into focus. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but if theres one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s this; God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. And so as I leave this chapter and enter a new one, I will walk into it saying;

“I can do this!” 

Author: Amanda Miller

I have a passion for serving others! My goal is to cultivate a community that conditions each and every one of you to receive these messages and apply them in your daily life. You belong here!

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