Mental Health Tips

✨ Here are a few simple ways to practice mindfulness in your every day life ✨

1. Look around you and identify 5 things you see, smell, feel, hear, etc.
2. Pick up a pen and paper and start jotting down your thoughts
3. Step outdoors! Go on a hike, run, walk the dogs, whatever gets your body moving
4. Bake something. Create something that will activate your smell and touch. Then enjoy your hard work with family and friends! 
5. Listen to music
6. Get your body moving! Focus on how strong your body is and what you’re capable of! Really think about the movements.
7. Take a drive. No distractions, just you and the open road!
8. Shut down your phone. 
9. Scripture. Open up to a random page and see what the Lord is speaking over your life in that moment.
10. Volunteer! No better way to gain a grasp on the here and now than by giving your time to serve others!